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​​​​​​​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR) Norfolk, VA
Job Type: Senior Warfare Systems T&E Analyst
Experience: 4+ Years

Clearance Type: Top Secret

AERMOR is seeking is seeking qualified candidates to provide current access authorization for Alternative Compensatory Control Measures (ACCM) for both SEAWOLF and VIRGINIA Class submarines is required for all personnel supporting. 
Responsibilities Include:

  • Review program documentation to include ROC/POE, CONOPS, ORD, TEMP, MNS, ICD, CDD, CPD, NTSP, ALSP, manning documents, training manuals, and IA certification and accreditation packages and provide/adjudicate comments from the Comments Resolution Matrix.
  • Assist in use of Mission Based Test Design (MBTD), Plan and design operational tests, and analyze the resulting data to obtain objective conclusions in support of Integrated Testing, in conjunction with mission-based Critical Operational Issues, cross-referenced with Navy Mission Essential Task Lists and/or Joint Mission Essential Task Lists.
  • Draft TEMP/MTP comments and applicable portions of the respective document.
  • Assist in development of Test plans for Operational Testing, Developmental Testing assists, Early Operational Assessments, Operational Assessments, Joint Concept Technology Demonstrations, Quick Reaction Assessments, Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, and follow-on Test and Evaluations, Verification Correction of Deficiencies, and compile data necessary to draft the test plans (both integrated and operational).
  • Provide support in conducting Liaison with model proponents, Verification and Validation agents, developing agencies, Navy laboratories, service Cryptologic Agencies, Navy Operational Commands, and other agencies to ensure that Modeling and Simulation OT&E requirements are adequately addressed to permit timely effective accreditation of M&S support of OT&E.
  • Perform data reduction and preliminary analysis of data to ensure data validity, prior to more detailed processing.
  • Provide the following reports: Operational Test Agency Assessment Report and Operational Test Agency Milestone Assessment Report, OAR/OMAR, Operational Evaluation Report, Letter of Observation, Operational Utility Assessment, Independent Operational Test and Evaluation Report.
  • Provide the Technical Point of Contact with Trip/Technical Reports, Monthly Progress Reports, Annual Summary Reports, Progress of work on assigned tasks, attend conferences/meetings, and provide work plans and the expenditure of funds and labor hours during the month.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with DT, IT, OT&E, and/or FOT&E.
  • Experience relevant to the subsurface and subsurface C4ISR warfare areas to support test and evaluation of assigned projects.
  • Experience in developing test criteria and TEMP per DoD standards.
  • Ability to apply analytical methodologies to evaluate the operational effectiveness and suitability of combat systems, weapon systems, and combat support systems.
  • Personnel relating to this position must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in the specified field or 5 years of experience operating and/or maintaining the specific system under test.
  • Qualification as a Submarine Warfare Officer.
  • Personnel must have completed, or be able to complete, the COMOPTEVFOR Operational Test Director and Integrated Evaluation Framework training courses.
  • Current working knowledge of COLUMBIA Class submarine combat control, sonar, weapon systems, strategic weapon support systems, and strategic weapon systems that will be supporting COLUMBIA Class Submarines.
  • Possess current working knowledge of US Navy submarine combat control, to include: Imaging, Sonar, LVA, Combat Control, Weapon systems to include APB and TI variances as well as platform variances.
  • Possess Relevant and Current knowledge (within the last 24 months) of submarine tactics including: ASW, SUW,  SSBN Operations, SSBN Strike
  • Have understanding of OPTEVFOR test strategies for Submarine Platforms and experience with the following: Sonar and combat control operation, Operations of the submarine towed arrays, the LWWAA and LCCA,  DOE to support M&S testing for COLUMBIA Class Submarine
  • Operational test design and test planning experience for Submarine platform testing to include: IEF generation using the OPTEVFOR IEF development tool, DOE process supporting operational testing utilizing the statistical methods for incremental development programs that rely on a continuous build-test-build cycle to accumulate test data across multiple build-test cycles, TEMP development for incremental development programs that rely on a continuous build-test-build cycle with tailored testing of partial mission area test execution across multiple build-test cycles, TP development including combined multi-program Test Plans, Test execution techniques and understanding of Submarine platform metrics for the COLUMBIA Class Submarine, Accreditation Plan development, V&V plan review, and V&V Report review to support generation of an Accreditation Plan and Accreditation Report for implementation of M&S to supplement Submarine Platform testing utilizing SIMII/SSTORM, SIMII/WAF, SIMII/DWAF and AURs’.
  • Be physically qualified in accordance with OPNAVINST 6420.1 series, Physical Requirements for Non-Submarine
  • Personnel Embarked on Submarines (http://doni.daps.dla.mil/OPNAV.aspx ), to support test execution underway on US submarines for up to 10 days at a time.
  • Recent experience (within last 3 years) with JMP statistical tool supporting accreditation of SIMII/DWAF.
  • Possess current access authorization for Alternative Compensatory Control Measures (ACCM) for both SEAWOLF and VIRGINIA Class submarines.

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Columbia Class Senior Warfare Systems T&E Analyst