CRF: Waterborne Operations (WO) Instructor

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​​​​​​​​​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: CENSECFOR Learning site Camp Lejeune, NC 
Job Type:Waterborne Operations (WO) Instructor 
Experience: 3+ Years

Clearance Type: Secret Eligible 

AERMOR is seeking qualified candidates to define the instructional, operational, and administrative tasks required to deliver formalized training in support of the CRF Training Continuum for personnel assigned to Navy Expeditionary Combat Command’s (NECC) Coastal Riverine Force or other units/activities as designated by NECC.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Perform specific duties as a Crew Serve Weapons Instructor and Coxswain for port security boat units.
  • Conducts training in all phases of Crew Serve Weapons Employment, including firearms safety, basic range operations in accordance with Navy requirements.
  • Instructor will teach Combat Craft Courses to properly plan and execute missions, including instruction in basic and advanced seamanship, navigation and piloting, boat handling skills, launch and recovery, boat/engine care and preventive maintenance.
  • Perform work in an office and/or classroom setting.  Instructors must be highly skilled in small boat handling. 
  • Curriculum Management.
  • Responsible for the safety of the students.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Possess at least a minimum of two (3) years of documented experience serving as a member of one of the following organizations;
    • U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command
      • Special Boat Team (SPECBOAT Team)
      • SEAL Team EIGHTEEN
      • Naval Special Warfare Development Group
    • U.S. Navy Coastal Riverine Squadron or Training & Evaluation Unit (TEU)
    • USMC Small Craft Company/Dam Support Unit
    • USCG Shore-Based Boat Unit or Maritime Patrol Forces that employ these types of craft;
      • Fast Response Cutters (FRC)
      • Patrol Boats (WPB)
      • Poastal Patrol Boats (CPB)
    • USCG Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF)
      • Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT)
      • Maritime Safety & Security Team (MSST)
      • Porty Security Unit (PSU)
    • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP); Marine Interdiction
    • CUIT qualified Riverine Boat Operations (RBO) Instructor at CENSECFOR LS Camp Lejeune.
  • Candidates must also possess one of the following qualifications/designations;
    • Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB)/Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman Specialist (SWCC) Basic, Senior or Master
    • Small Craft Insignia qualified (after 1 October 1984) per MIPERSMAN 1200-030
    • Command at Sea qualified per MILPERSMAN 1210-170
    • Force Protection Boat Coxswain (NEC 0190)
    • USCG Coxswain, Heavy Weather Coxswain, Tactical Coxswain, Pursuit Coxswain, Advanced Interdiction Coxswain, Advanced Interdiction Boat Team Leader or Surfman
    • CBP Marine Interdiction Agent Coxswain
    • USMC Small Craft Coxswain
  • Candidates must have at least a minimum of three (3) years documented experience operating;
    • 1. Combatant Craft (as defined by Enclosure (3) of SECNAVINST 5030.8B) in a Coastal Riverine or near coastal maritime environment (meaning ocean waters not more than 200 miles offshore) or;
    • 2. USCG asset classes (FRC, WPB or CPB) in inland/coastal waters out to 50 NM, or;
    • 3. Vessels operated by U.S. CBP Marine Interdiction Agents
  • Candidates must satisfactorily complete Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS) – NAVEDTRA 43911-B, Tactical Craft Operations (Effective date: 29AUG2018), Attachment Q, within 90 days of reporting for duty, in addition to obtaining CUIT qualification per Section 5-2.1;
  • Possess or be able to qualify as a Second Class Swimmer in accordance with NETC P1552/16 (Navy Swimming and Water Survival Instructors Manual).
  • Possess or be able to obtain a USCG National Master of Self-propelled Vessels of Less Than 100 GRT Upon Near Coastal Waters credential/endorsement or better within one year of reporting. Specific requirements are available at USCG’s National Maritime Center website;(
  • Possess experience involving the operation and tactical employment of crew served weapons to include:  Medium 7.62 mm machine gun (i.e., M-60, M240, MK43, MK48); Heavy .50 caliber machine gun (i.e., M2HB); and M203 Grenade Launcher. 
  • Capable of achieving and maintaining CAT II Light and Medium Machine Gun and Heavy Machin Gun qualifications in accordance with OPNAVINST 3591 series during initial and all subsequent qualifications throughout the duration of the contract.

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