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Electrical Engineering Quality Assurance Specialist

Employee Type: Full-Time

Location: Elizabeth City, NC

Job Type: Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems Specialist

Experience: 10+ Years

​Clearance:  Secret

AERMOR LLC is seeking qualified candidates who will fully support the USCG’s reliability and airworthiness program. These services include RCM support, Wiring Configuration, Wiring Database Configuration, and various Airworthiness Sustainment Engineering Support services. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide project support for the development of configuration control and management of all aircraft wiring parameters. This will require research, development, and improvement to the existing wiring processes. An essential part of this process will include elevating awareness and guidance on EWIS and wiring-related topics through a comprehensive training program, approved by the EWIS Program Manager.
  • Maintain aircraft wiring configuration control for all USCG aircraft for which ALC is the cognizant authority.
  • Develop, manage, and sustain the EWIS Program for the USCG; which is approved by the EWIS Program Manager.
  • Research all USCG and ALC written procedures used to create and
    maintain current wiring configuration to support the development of wiring prototypes and the incorporation of aircraft wiring system modifications.
  • Review wiring configuration in support of the following:
  • Aircraft wiring engineering drawings and illustrations in conjunction with the wiring and equipment databases reviewed within the following working days of receipt:
    • Drawing or illustration consisting of 1–8 sheets, two (2) business days.
    • Drawing or illustration consisting of 9-16 sheets, four (4) business days.
    • Drawing or illustration consisting of greater than 16 sheets, six (6) business days.
    • Contract field team projects.
    • Harness configuration, buildup and testing requirements.
    • Aircraft modifications affecting wiring.Aircraft Configuration Control Board (ACCB)/TCTO projects affecting aircraft wiring.
    • CG-22s and Revision Authorization Document (RADs) impacting aircraft wiring.
    • All prototypes affecting aircraft wiring.
    • Development and sustainment of wiring and equipment databases for all USCG aircraft types.
  • ​Provide recommendations to migrate all applicable processes to achieve single point configuration control over wiring issues for both rotary and fixed wing assets.
  • Contact all applicable ALC departments to determine and or obtain the most current processes, points of contact, and specific requirements for aircraft wiring.
  •  Research existing wiring configurations for deficiencies and take steps to rectify where possible.
  • Review all new aircraft wiring and harness drawings and all TCTOs that include wiring installations or modifications for proper standardization and configuration.
  • Create required documentation related instructions and when necessary submit change recommendations to implement required changes.
  • Manage aircraft wiring database records for all applicable aircraft-wiring configurations.
  • Issue aircraft wiring and circuit component identification numbers for all future wiring changes.
  • Create Standard Operation Procedures/or modify existing ones as required to facilitate changes to support EWIS configuration.
  • Serve as ESD’s representative for wiring configuration for airworthiness aircraft issues.
  • Serve as the designated point of contact for all wiring identification assignments.
  • Perform aircraft wiring assessments and training at up to 14 Air Stations a year and at ALC for pre and post PDM inspections as required. Provide written reports within five (5) business days upon completion to EWIS Program Manager.
  • Assist the Wiring Program Manager with various wiring projects and research as required. Provides support to the Technical Warrant Holders (TWH) on subjects such as: Proof of Concept (PoC), prototype, re-engineering, reverse engineering, risk assessment, critically assessment and Technical Data Packages (TDP).
  • Develop, sustain, and manage aircraft wiring and equipment database records for all USCG aircraft-wiring configurations.
  • Provide S1000D expertise in support of the USCG’s effort to develop and sustain aircraft wiring diagram, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and transition into Intelligent Wiring.
  • Attend conferences and standards committee meetings.


Required Skills and Experience:

  • Associates Degree, preferably in Technical Management or a Training discipline
  • Minimum of ten (10) years in aviation EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems) with five (5) years being in quality assurance.
  • Strong working knowledge of the NAVAIR 505 series, NAVAIR 509 series, SAE 50881F, MIL-HDBK-522, and MIL-HDBK-525.
  • Good working knowledge of EWIS subjects such as: Proof of Concept (PoC), prototype, re-engineering, reverse engineering, risk assessment, criticality assessment, Technical Data Packages (TDP), IETM/Intelligent Wiring, and S1000D.
  • Proficiency in developing and conducting training for all levels of USCG leadership and maintenance levels.
  • Information database management experience.
  • Experience with technical orders.
  • In-depth depot maintenance experience in wire & harness installations/ routing/ clamping, soldering, cannon plug connector terminations, coax connector terminations, and data bus terminations.
  • Strong project management experience.
  • Good working knowledge of wiring diagrams.
  • Information database management experience.
  • Instructing & instructional material development experience.
  • Ability to work in an office and industrial environment.

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