M&S/DoE Subject Matter Expert


​​​​​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location:  Huntsville, AL
Job Type: Subject Matter Expert
Experience: 3+ Years

​Clearance Type: Secret

AERMOR is seeking qualified candidates with Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Analysis and Design of Experiments (DOE) experience to support programs utilizing M&S for Operational Testing at COMOPTEVFOR in the following areas: Documentation review, Modeling and Simulation Product Development, Operational Test Design, Test Analysis, and Reporting, Test Operations Support, and Program Management Support.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assist in the development and refinement of an integrated evaluation framework (IEF) for Test Design and Modeling and Simulation sections     
  • Develop Modeling and Simulation Accreditation products for Operational Testing at COMOPTEVFOR 
  • Conduct background research and provide analytical support and recommendations for the development of test design for testing the operational effectiveness and suitability    
  • Design operational tests in conjunction with mission-based Critical Operational Issues (COI), cross-referenced with Navy Mission Essential Task Lists (NMETL) and/or Joint Mission Essential Task Lists (JMETL)
  • Devise test matrices to satisfy testing objectives.
  • Perform data analysis to resolve mission-based measures and COIs supporting the determination of System Under Test (SUT) operational effectiveness and suitability 

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Working knowledge of DOE
  • Working knowledge of the DoD 5000 series, OPNAVINST 5000.42 series, as well as SECNAVINST 5000 series instructions. ·    
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact effectively within multidisciplinary teams and have a demonstrated ability to communicate the results of the operational analysis to sponsoring activities and decision-makers.
  • Must have strong technical writing skills.
  • Desired: working knowledge in entry/extraction of data within the COMOPTEVFOR IEF database tool.
  • Desired: completed the COMOPTEVFOR Operational Test Director and Integrated Evaluation Framework training courses.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Project.
  •  Demonstrated proficiency with a Data Analysis software package (JMP preferred) 

Educational Requirements: 

  Three (in the last five years) of analyst experience AND

  • One years’ experience in a specified field and a Master’s degree or; 
  • Three years experience in the specified field and Bachelor’s degree or;
  • ​Five years experience in a specified field and Associates's degree.

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