Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: MacDill AFB, Florida
Job Type: SOLA
Experience: 10+ Years

​Clearance Type: Secret (Top Secret / SCI Eligible)

Aermor is seeking qualified candidates to provide high quality, defendable technical and analytical support in employing analytical models and tools with a wide array of areas.

Responsibilities include:

  • The Senior Special Operations Logistics Analyst is considered Subject Matter Expert (SME) for sustainment of all classes of supply and will apply their expertise to all tasks assigned.
  • Maintain Subject Matter Expertise of Global Plans, Regional Plans and USSOCOM’s Campaign Plan for Global Special Operations (CPGSO).
  • Assist in analysis to support shaping and informing Government development of external high-level guidance documents such as the National Defense Strategy (NDS), National Military Strategy (NMS), and the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG).
  • Interpret strategic guidance and apply it to SOF adaptations for each OSD planning scenario.
  • Conduct, participate, or support analysis as required for Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and SOF Capabilities. Integration &. Development. System (SOFCIDS) as defined in SOCOM Directive 71-4, using JMA data, data from other approved databases, models, and other analytic tools to determine how the procurement of the item would address sustainment of special operations units.
  • Utilize JMA data to support studies, analyses, and Government development of other models, war games, and simulations that are critical to the execution of command activities.
  • Develop, coordinate and maintain Planning Factors, Rules and Assumptions (PFR&A) for JMA ensuring SOF Force Elements have been identified and accurately portrayed with respect to Sustainment Understand and translate strategic-level scenarios into SOF operational campaigns and analyze the requirements against varying force structures.
  • Conduct analysis of risk in support of USSOCOM’s POM development process.
  • Apply the Capabilities Programming Guidance (CPG) and the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) into analysis that can be used to assess special operations force design and force planning.
  • Utilize the Special Operations Forces Analysis and Modeling System (SOFAMS) suite of software products to support USSOCOM’s POM development cycle.
  • Translate SOF adaptations and the SOF portion of OSD Planning Scenarios into tactical level CONOPS in order to analyze required SO force structure and perform the following:
  • Support Government generation of requirements for SOF sustainment capabilities using strategy to-task relationships.
  • Enter Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) into the JMA database to track SOF requirements.
  • Maintain Quality Control of user-entered data inside the JMA database.
  • Provide a Risk-Constrained Force Structure using SOF Capabilities-Based Risk Assessment Allocation Tool (SCRAAM). This provides a very methodical progression to constrain the force that illustrates the risk within a particular force structure.
  • Work with Government and contract ORSAs in the development of analytical products derived from the JMA database.
  • Produce analytical products including SOF force structure analysis assessing the capability and capacity of a given special operations force (units and platforms across the spectrum of USSOCOM programs of record) to accomplish a specified set of missions for DoD defined scenarios, using planning factors, rules and assumptions in order to provide:
  • An evaluation of the capability and capacity of the SO sustainment force required to execute the NDS (Objective Force), and the supporting analytic data.
  • Generate strategy-to-task relationships from strategic-level documents in order to correctly portray global SOF operations and emerging requirements.
  • Conduct force structure “excursions” using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to assess risk and to articulate the adequacy of a particular force structure.
  • Analyze various fiscally constrained resource files against specific requirements sets in order to highlight the sufficiency of a force structure.
  • Responsible for J8 support to the J4 for War Reserve munitions input into DoD’s Munitions Requirements Process in accordance with USSOCOM Directive 700-8.
  • Oversee inputs and analysis of JMA’s logistics and munitions models as part of JMA models class of supply consumption for DoD Analytic Scenarios.​


  • 10 years of uniformed military experience with demonstrated operational expertise in Special Operations logistics.
  • 2 years of Staff/Action Officer experience (can be concurrent with the 10 years above) at a senior level command (Interagency HQ, Joint Staff, or COCOM / equivalent 4-Star level command).
  • 2 years of experience (can be concurrent with the 10 years above) with automated logistical programs and knowledge of unique characteristics for all Classes of Supply.
  • Familiarity with USSOCOM SOF component’s force structure and manning documents, as well as logistical employment of those structures to support ongoing SOF operations.​


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