Operational Test Director 

​​​​​​​​​​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Norfolk, VA 
Job Type: Director
Experience: 15+ Years

​Clearance Type: Top Secret (SCI Eligible)

AERMOR is seeking a qualified candidate who has experience leading and or managing operational T&E events, to include completion of requisite T&E training equivalent to level II and completion of an Operational Test Director’s course

Responsibilities Include:​.

  • Leading all OT&E to provide the DHS Component with an evaluation of the mission capability of the system or service when employed in a realistic, operational environment.
  • Assisting the DHS Component Program Manager in providing a T&E Strategy brief to the Director of T&E (DOT&E) for all major acquisition programs under DOT&E engagement.
  • Coordinating development of the OT&E strategy associated with operational testing and drafting of applicable sections of the TEMP per policy with the T&E Manager and T&E WIPT.
  • For all test activities subject to DOT&E approval:

  • Provides the DOT&E a T&E Concept Briefing on the planned OT&E activity 120 calendar days before commencing record testing or as determined by DOT&E.
  • Submits the OTEP for record testing for DOT&E approval 60 calendar days prior to commencing such testing or as determined by DOT&E.
  • Provides the DOT&E a report on the results of record testing not later than 45 calendar days prior to the ADE or as determined by DOT&E.​

Required Skills and Experience:

  • ​​Certification;  AQN101 – OR – ACQ101. FTE100 – OR – TST102. SE101 – OR – ENG101. CLE023. CLL008.

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