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Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Huntsville, AL
Job Type: Subject Matter Expert
Experience: 12+ Years
Clearance:  TS (SCI Eligibility)

AERMOR is seeking qualified individuals to support Strategic Missile Defense Requirements Development

Responsibilities Include: 

  • ​​Assist the ACM-SMD in the analysis, development, and implementation of Army BMD Force Management DOTMLPF products to support the development, fielding, and sustainment of BMDS Elements, Materiel Developer plans, and warfighter strategic plans and operations.
  • Conduct requirements crosswalk to various Program Manager’s specification requirements documents; Provide subject matter expertise for element preliminary and integrated baseline reviews, critical design reviews, system functional reviews, weapon systems reviews, and initial technology reviews and program element reviews; Review and evaluate proposed actions and engineering change proposals to ensuring that user requirements are addressed; Provide subject matter expertise to configuration control boards; Support ballistic missile defense system spiral development modifications.
  • In coordination with the materiel developer and the gaining command review and update support requirements for initial operational capability; Support the materiel developer in manpower estimating process supporting element deployment or major hardware and software changes; Provide subject matter expertise support to the materiel developer to identify operator, maintainer, training, and support data for military and civilian requirements for the bases of issue plan; Develop element level organizational and operational concepts, Enabling or employment concepts and periodic updates, supporting the spiral development for the BMDS elements; Provide subject matter expertise to integrated concept development teams (ICDT) and integrated product teams, per element as required; Produce original or modify existing operational system architectures, operations mode summary/mission profile and doctrinal publications.
  • Develop and Update System Joint Capability Integration Development System (JCIDS) documents including; Initial Requirements Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD), Capabilities Production Documents (CPD), DOTMLPF change recommendations based on results of wargames, MDA studies, element ground, and flight tests, Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATDs), Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTDs) and Concept Evaluation Program (CEP). Provide SME for Army Systems Acquisition Review Council, Army Requirements Oversight Council (AROC), Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC), Defense Acquisition Boards (DAB), Joint Control Board (JCB), and Functional Control Board (FCB) for the proponent.
  • Support and defend Army requirements during element level Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) trade-off analysis.

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of the MDA’s unique acquisition processes, the Ballistic Missile Defense system the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense element, the AN/TPY-2 Forward Based Mode radar element, and the Command Control Battle Management system element, hypersonic missile defense, and advanced non-kinetic defense weapons. 
  • Masters Degree

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SMD Requirements Development SME III