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​​​​​​​​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk ,VA
Job Type: Senior Engineer - Policy and Processes
Experience: 4+ Years

Clearance Type:  Secret

AERMOR is seeking a candidate to support Joint Staff J35 South who requires non-personal support services to Joint Staff J35 South Global Force Management Policy and Process Division to analyze/define shortfalls or inefficiencies and deliver solutions to improve systems, architectures and business processes related to critical mission areas of Global Force Management (GFM) , Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX), and Joint Deployment Process (JDP).
Responsibilities Include:

  • Takes an individual with patience, excellent reading comprehension and writing skills, and the ability to stay focused on a single task that takes months to complete.
  • Project 2nd and 3rd order effects of proposed changes to GFM & APEX processes and related critical mission areas
  • Draft Joint Doctrine and Policy in Joint Publications and CJCS Instructions, Manuals, Guides and other strategic and operational documents
  • Systems familiarity with Joint Capabilities Requirement Manager (JCRM), Events Logbook, Joint Operation Planning and Execution Systems (JOPES), and Preferred Force Generator (PFG)
  • Adjust rapidly to shifts in priorities and manage multiple tasks simultaneously that may include staff support relating to current Joint Force Coordinator actions
  • Apply a detailed knowledge of Title 10, US Code, DoD level policy, DoD organizations and processes, Joint and Service doctrine, and the planning and operational employment of Forces, with a focus on the critical mission areas
  • Apply a broad understanding of Military Command & Control and Force structure at the Military Department and Unified/Specified level (Joint Commands) to the Joint planning process and mission analysis for GFM
  • Originate, conceive, and conduct continuous process improvement of critical mission areas to include:
    • Affordable improvements and innovation in GFM integration with APEX and JD
    • Development of DoDAF Compliant Architecture and recommendations for the improvement and streamlining of GFM processes
    • GFM/APEX/JD studies, analyses, or modeling & simulation
    • Support of the integration of GFM & APEX processes and policies into war games or simulations
    • GFM Policy integration supporting Joint Deployment Process Owner equities in the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise
    •  Recommended Joint processes employing templates
    • Being conversant in business process improvement methods and techniques
    •  Understanding of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and the documents and products produced within JCIDS
    •  Interpretation, synthesis, and presentation of findings and recommendations (both orally and in writing) to military (O-5/6) and civilian (GS-14/15) decision makers
    • Ability to apply complex business process improvement methodologies (such as Six Sigma) to J35 critical mission areas
    • Applying a depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities to required research, process analysis, and studies, with competency in GFM & APEX processes and critical mission areas of Joint planning

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Senior engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in a related technical or management discipline from an accredited college or university. 
  • Four (4) years of direct experience with the integration of GFM with Adaptive Planning & Execution with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university may be substituted for the requirement of a bachelor's degree in a related technical or management discipline.

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