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Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Huntsville, AL
Job Type: Subject Matter Expert
Experience: 12+ Years
Clearance:  TS (SCI Eligibility)

AERMOR is seeking qualified individuals to provide logistics support for Strategic Missile Defense units.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Serve as a member of the Integrated Logistics Support Management Team (ILSMT).
  • Develop the Human Systems Integration Plan (HSIP) in conjunction with the Material Developer (MATDEV), and coordinate with other ILSMT members as well as establish logistics and Human System Interface (HSI) requirements constraints, system design parameters, and System Readiness Objectives (SRO).
  • Assess alternative ways to operate and support the Strategic Missile Defense systems in the current and projected force structure and develop specific, measurable, and testable support-related material requirements or parameters based on required logistics operational performance and readiness requirements.
  • Assess the effects of new or modified material systems on existing and projected support manpower and emerging support concepts and doctrines.
  • Determine requirements for hardness maintenance procedures and surveillance of all nuclear survivable equipment.
  • Ensure that ILS and HSI considerations are incorporated into all materiel system requirements documents and integrated into the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan as well as include logistic and HSI considerations in the evaluation of alternative system support and system concepts, to include the concept of contractor support.
  • Develop supportability testing issues in coordination with the MATDEV, tester, evaluator, logistician, and other program participants and inform them of changes affecting current ILS program plans.
  • Fully consider emerging Army logistics policies.
  • For systems modifications (spiral development), establish support conditions and requirements for initial operational capability (IOC) date in coordination with the MATDEV and gaining Major Commands (MACOMs).
  • Initiate and conduct ILS reviews as appropriate.
  • Provide technical guidance on the design, installation, and operation of the Integrated Electronic Security System (IESS) to include the Warfighter certification and acceptance of fielded IESS components.
  • Maintain Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) and physical security information repository and provide analysis and input to Army Physical Security documents as well as coordinate IESS compliance with all Cybersecurity guidance and directives.
  • Facilitate the acquisition, fielding, and sustainment of interim security systems as well as coordinate details of new IESS construction with MDA, Corps of Engineers, Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs), and Combatant Commands (COCOMs).

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • DOD missile defense background at operational and strategic levels.
  • Recent, relevant experience with acquisition logistics, sustainment logistics, and performance-based logistics processes.
  • Experience providing logistics support and life cycle management for strategic missile defense programs.
  • ​Masters Degree

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