Cyber IT Specialist - Data Analyst

Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Suffolk, VA
Job Type: IT Specialist 
Experience: 5+ Years
Clearance:  Top Secret / SCI Eligible

AERMOR LLC is qualified candidates to provide technical and analytical support for FCC OCA in support of all OCA inspections. Candidates shall perform a wide variety of technical support services and functions required to meet the mission of FCC OCA to enhance overall DoDIN-N readiness and security.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • ​Process, inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.
  •  Conduct technical analyses and develop reports (e.g., General reports: detailed, grouped, crosstab, column, query reports, etc.) related to cybersecurity and cyber operations.
  • Analyze inspection findings for the compilation of quarterly and annual lessons learned.
  • Support future analysis efforts, perform detailed studies, and execute pilot programs as determined by OCA, draft instructions, or conduct post-inspection follow-up/research/analysis and includes, but is not limited to:
    • Provide detailed analysis of cybersecurity inspections (i.e., CCORIs, CCRIs, CSIs, SAV results) in a manner that ensures OCA and Onsite leadership understands the Navy’s cybersecurity posture, the status of trends in cybersecurity findings, and aids inspected site prioritization of mitigation and remediation efforts.
    • Provide cybersecurity and programmatic analysis to identify vulnerabilities across multiple Navy platforms, programs, and Enterprise Networks that may be systemic in IT infrastructure and its assets.
    • Publish cybersecurity results and other products such as visualizations and/or Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) documents within FCCs unclassified/classified portals.
  • Develop trend data from completed cybersecurity inspections/assessments.
  • Compile and provide ad hoc and recurring cybersecurity inspection metrics and trend reports.
  • Develop technical reports, standard operating procedures (SOPs), briefings, messages, information papers, and other reporting formats for analytical results.
  • Present trends, findings, and results to Navy leadership in dashboard formats.
  • Communicate analysis results to management via reports, visualizations, etc.
  • Develop SharePoint Dashboards and administer user permissions
  • Adhere to established Navy and DoD policies and procedures

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • Minimal of 5 years of experience in data management, analytics using technologies such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and the like, SQL, and query Syntax
  • 3 years of experience working in dynamic cross-competency teams
  • Experience remediating data issues, documenting Source to Target Mapping of Data Sources
  • Experience with conceptual Data modes Creation and Input
  • Ability to analyze, summarize and characterize large or small data sets with varying degrees of fidelity or quality; ability to identify and explain any insights or patterns within them
  • Strong expertise in designing, developing, and implementing reports, visualizations, and dashboards
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university in automated data management
  • DoD 8570.01-M IAT Level II
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in a related field, or equivalent education or experience and related training

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