Cyber IT Specialist - Mission Analysis Support

​​Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Suffolk, VA
Job Type: IT Specialist 
Experience: 5+ Years
Clearance:  Top Secret / SCI Eligible

AERMOR LLC is seeking qualified candidates to provide technical and analytical support for FCC OCA in support of all OCA inspections. Candidates shall perform a wide variety of technical support services and functions required to meet the mission of FCC OCA to enhance overall DoDIN-N readiness and security.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • ​Process, inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.
  • Understanding of Navy IT systems and its network infrastructure and how they are used to support various missions. This will include a knowledge base of Navy tools and databases to obtain this information.
  • Required to work with a team of vulnerability assessors and data analysts to measure the success of missions the IT infrastructure supports.
  • Many mission essential functions/tasks (MEF/Ts) rely on cyberspace components:
    • Develop and prioritize a list of MEFs and METs
    • Mission mapping identifying all asset dependencies
    • Identify vulnerable assets
    • Identify existing shortfalls to provide cyber situational awareness.
  • Assist in mission analysis and validation of the mapping of cyber assets to mission and users in support of cybersecurity inspection pre-inspection and scoping efforts. Mission analysis shall include reviewing data collected from various sources (e.g., Mission Assurance Decision Support System (MADSS), Defense Readiness Reporting System – Navy (DRRS-N), Department of Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository/ Department of the Navy Applications and Database Management System (DITPR/DADMS), Enterprise Mission Assurance Support System (eMASS), Navy Vulnerability Remediation Asset Manager (VRAM), etc.) to support the validation of (MRT-C) assets associated with an organization’s critical missions and functions, as well as external dependencies impacting the success of those identified critical missions and functions. Additional elements of mission analysis are listed below:​
    • Understand the mission impact of cyber event scenarios and ontology to express the relationships between cyber assets, missions, and users.
    • Understand methods of visualizing temporal (historical) patterns and mission impact of computer security breaches.
    • Identify core Mission Essential Functions (MEFs)/Mission Essential Tasks (MET) and supporting tasks. Prioritize assets as Mission-Critical, Mission Essential, and Mission Support. Map cyber assets to missions and users.
    •  Determine asset criticality, dependencies with support organizations to create a master copy of Mission Mapping Workbook (MMWB), and populate information as discovered and obtained.
    •  Develop Baseline Information System (IS) asset list and lead a working group to review for final acceptance/approval
    • Review mission analysis information provided by the site and provide a written report identifying discrepancies and recommended improvements to Command Element and site.

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • ​Operational experience working mission decomposition with a focus on cyber terrain
  • Ability to work with organizations to gain an understanding of the mission owner's assigned role (purpose) and missions (functions, task, capabilities) for which it exists
  • Ability to determine the mission owner's MRT-C including information systems and associated physical and virtual hardware, software, operating systems, devices, networks and network components, circuits, and related dependencies.
  • Ability to clearly define and correlate mission-essential function/task or capability to asset mapping
  • Experience or knowledge of the Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability (CARVER) Methodology
  • Experience or knowledge of Mission Assurance Decision Support System (MADSS)
  • Experience or knowledge in identifying key Navy assets within the IT infrastructure
  • Experience with VRAM, eMASS, and other Navy database tools
  • Some experience or knowledge of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) Matrix and how it is used
  • Have some experience or knowledge in Cyber Hygiene Analysis (CHA)
  • Have basic knowledge of Navy Blue and Red Teams and their mission
  • DoD 8570.01-M IAT Level II
  • Education: Minimum of Associate’s degree in a related field or equivalent education with experience.

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