Employee Type: Full Time
​Location: Washington, DC

​Job Type: Systems Engineer
​Experience: 3-10+ Year 
CLEARANCE: Top Secret (based on SSBI completed within the last five years)  / SCI eligible

​​AERMOR LLC is seeking qualified candidates for a Systems Engineer II position.  This position resides in the Joint Requirements Assessment Division (JRAD). JRAD's primary role is to provide a review of requirements documents and analysis support of various topics within the Joint Capability Integration Development System (JCIDS). JRAD will work in concert with the Deputy Directors supporting JS J8, the Functional Capability Boards (FCBs), and the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (OSD CAPE) to evaluate joint programs within the context of capability gaps, capability portfolios, campaign plans, operational plans, military risk, cost, schedule, and performance objectives. When capacity allows, the JRAD will also provide analysis support to specific FCBs on a case-by-case basis.

Utilize sound systems engineering principles to conduct analysis, coordinate design solutions, and apply mathematical methods to solve complex system needs. Leverage systems engineering experience/ education to address issues such as logistics, the coordination of different teams, development & analysis of requirements, and consider the entire life-cycle applied to large, complex projects.

Key Responsibilities:
The Systems Engineer is responsible for integrating efforts of various functionalities into a cohesive program or system of systems. The Systems Engineer will build and foster relationships with various stakeholders to adjudicate requirements and support topics of interest.  

Required Duties:

  • Evaluates for performance and operating characteristics against costs and development risks
  • Conducts technical reviews in area of technical expertise
  • Complete analysis and assessments of JRAD assigned topics within and across capability requirement portfolios
  • Review of contributions of any new or altered capability requirements make toward reducing operational risk within portfolios and otherwise ensuring warfighter ability to conduct tasks and missions under applicable threat conditions
  • Identification of potential overlap of competing or duplicative programs which address similar capability requirements and could influence resourcing decisions; and traceability of cross-portfolio impacts and dependencies which are essential to the realization of warfighter capabilities
  • Populate the capability requirement portfolio tools with new or amended data related to each assigned topic under review
  • Provide tracking, coordination, and status updates of assigned topics, and provide a monthly summary of all analysis completed as directed
  • Maintains day-to-day technical interface with project personnel and ensures compliance with applicable standards
  • Develops alternative approaches and conducts engineering analyses and trade-off studies, including cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses
  • Evaluates systems design and architecture concepts in support of development projects or research and new business initiatives
  • Comments and assists authoring of Chairman’s policies, Congressional responses, and Government Accountability Office (GAO) responses to support the Joint requirements process
  • The systems engineer supporting JRAD should be:
    • Knowledgeable of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) and its functions
    • Knowledgeable of JCIDS
    • Knowledgeable of Joint Staff functions and its interaction within OSD
    • Previous assignments on Joint Staff, Combatant Commands or Service Staffs is a significant plus


Masters of Science degree from an accredited college or university in Systems Engineering with at least 3 years' experience* or Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering with at least 10 years experience.*
* A degree in other engineering fields or operations research may be substituted for a systems engineering degree, provided completion of at least 24 semester hours of operations research. mathematics, probability, statistics, mathematical logic, science, or subject-matter courses requiring substantial competence in college-level mathematics or statistics and the individual has significant experience performing systems engineering.

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Systems Engineer II

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