AERMOR LLC's management philosophy includes:

  • Contractor personnel may enhance a government organization's structure, but will never entirely replace it
  • Our team will manage its relationships with other contractors to avoid conflict of interest
  • The customer shall have clear visibility into all areas of our support
  • Our team will ensure the highest levels of confidentiality and protection of all customer information
  • AERMOR LLC adheres to a well-defined recruiting and vetting process for personnel performing work

AERMOR understands that the quality and integrity of our professionals plays a significant role in the eyes of organizational leaders and has risen to exceed that expectation. We have a well-defined vetting process for personnel performing work and at no stage in the production process will there be variable quality in service or talent. Key to delivering a first-rate product is providing a structured but realistic production schedule. Our former military backgrounds ensure a ready understanding of and compliance with the objectives of prior planning and on-time, on-budget project execution. AERMOR includes the customer in every step of the execution process, providing regular briefings of the ongoing process.

Quality Assurance